About Us

We want to make your daily commute and transit more pleasurable!

When you commute through small alleys in big cities like Bangkok, do you ever wonder why it is such a big hassle to connect to the mass transit? 
To tackle this problem, Urban Mobility Tech (UMT) was born to create a microtransit solution that is conveniently accessible, affordable, clean, and safe.
Our on-demand ridesharing service called MuvMi consists of electric vehicles specifically designed for urban areas (design-patented) and an algorithm
 that groups passengers travelling in similar destinations together.  With this affordable, clean, and safe service, we have served over 1,000,000 passenger trips and counting.
Besides MuvMi, we also have an on-demand hop-on hop-off in a tuk tuk called Tuk Tuk Hop.  
This application helps tourists maneuver around Bangkok prime attractions.  In 2019, we served over 29,000 passenger trips.
At UMT, we strive to achieve safer and cleaner mobility of urban areas, so that we can have a better living standard.